The Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, has imposed temporary restrictions on import of poultry products from the Czech Republic.


The ban includes live poultry, hatching eggs, feathers, poultry meat and all kinds of poultry products, feeds and feed additives for poultry as well as used equipment for poultry management, slaughter and cutting due to the Newcastle disease outbreak in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic.

In early January, Belarus imposed a similar ban on Czech poultry products for the same reason.

Newcastle disease is a highly contagious bird disease affecting domestic and wild avian species. It causes mild conjunctivitis and influenza-like symptoms. The mortality rate among young birds is almost 100 percent, and the few birds who survive the disease do not grow well. The disease can be transmitted to humans.