While U.S. exports for most meat products declined in December 2012, egg exports improved from November 2012 numbers, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

According to the USDA’s Livestock and Meat Trade Data report, filed on February 11, U.S. egg exports reached a total of 25.654 million dozen in December 2012, up from 24.142 million dozen recorded in November 2012. 


Shell egg exports made the biggest stride, increasing from 12.364 million dozen to 16.354 million dozen, more than offsetting the 2.478 million dozen export decline for egg products over the course of the month. The biggest gains were made through eggs shipped to Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong, while exports to Denmark were measured at 1.108 million dozen in November 2012, but none exported there in December 2012.

Total egg exports for December 2012 climbed nearly 4 million from 2011 numbers, according to the report.

Meanwhile, broiler exports saw a drop, going from 630.62 million pounds in November to 607.103 million pounds in December. The biggest losses were felt from Mexico, Malaysia and Jordan, with each dropping about 500,000 pounds. Exports to Malaysia stopped entirely, according to the report, and only 1,000 pounds were shipped to Jordan. The biggest gain was made in Colombia, where the shipments went from 54,000 pounds in November to 452,000 pounds in December.

Turkey exports dropped from 76.998 million pounds in November, to 63.479 million pounds in December. Beef and pork exports also dropped for the month.