The ProTerra Foundation, the nonprofit organization set up to support the European food and feed industries in sourcing sustainably produced, non-genetically modified grains, cereals and derivatives and in particular, soy will be staging its second international conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on May 14, 2013.

“Advancing Sustainability Together – the Future for Food and Feed” is the ProTerra Foundation’s second conference, having staged its first event to around 200 delegates in London in 2012. 

The one-day conference will be held in Rotterdam in recognition of the Netherlands’ strong leadership role in food sustainability in Europe as well as the importance of Rotterdam in the European food trade. Rotterdam is one of the biggest access points for soy into Europe.


The ProTerra Foundation has engaged speakers from across the European food and agricultural industry, as well as supplier countries including Brazil and from the Danube River Basin. Early confirmed speakers include the executive director of RTRS; representatives from FNLI, the Dutch Federation of Food Producers; Cefetra, Triodos Bank, Danube Soy, Co-op Switzerland and REWE. 

Established in 2012 in the Netherlands, the ProTerra Foundation is backed by industry stakeholders from both Europe and South America and is custodian of the highly successful ProTerra Certification Standard against which non-genetically modified soy producers and supply chain suppliers have been certifying millions of metric tons of soy for more than six years. ProTerra certification requires a strict non-genetically modified organism limit of less than 0.1 percent adventitious genetically modified contamination, strong traceability, PCR testing at critical control points, as well as protection of the rights of workers and indigenous people and preservation of the Amazon and other high conservation value areas. Press places are available for this conference. Please contact Whitmore PR at