The Czech Republic’s pig meat production declined 8.9 percent to 239,753 tons in 2012. However, producer prices of pigs for slaughter grew 17 percent. 

Producers sold pigs for slaughter in S, E and U quality classes for CZK 33.26 per kg of live weight or CZK 42.78 per kg of carcass weight on average (minimum CZK 39.83 per kg in February, maximum CZK 46.40 per kg in October). A deficit of external trade in live pigs from December 2011 to November 2012 was 9,035 tons. Imports and exports of live pigs were 29,883 tons, an increase of 30.7 percent and 20,848 tons a decline of 11.3 percent, respectively.

Young pigs up to 50 kg (mainly piglets with average weight 25.6 kg) as well as pigs above 50 kg (predominantly pigs for slaughter with average weight 106.2 kg) contributed to increased imports. Imports accounted for 522.8 thousand piglets and increase of 6.9 percent and 16,346 tons of pigs for slaughter an increase of 63 percent.
Exports of fattened pigs decreased by 11.2 percent to 19,423 tons, while exports of piglets grew three times (to 33.6 thousand heads). Piglets were imported from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands; pigs for slaughter were exported to Hungary and Slovakia.