The Mexican House of Representatives asked the Secretariat of Agriculture February 21 to investigate whether the avian influenza outbreak in Guanajuato, Mexico, on Bachoco farms was caused by the company to obtain illegal profits through speculation in poultry and egg prices. The House also asked the Ministry of Economy to ban the sale of Bachoco's products that are allegedly contaminated.

"The outbreak of the A/H7N3 virus, which affects [Bachoco's] farms, occured within a year that bird flu spread in Jalisco farms, leading to an increase of up to 100 percent in the price of eggs in 2012," according to the House.


The House claims there has been a 1,200 percent increase in profits and speculation with the product, and that according to information from the Mexican Stock Exchange, "[the company] earned huge profits in the chicken and egg crisis."

During the annual meeting of the Poultry Specialists Association of Central Mexico, AECACEM, poultry industry professionals said the request for Bachoco to suspend activities shows a total ignorance of the market, as a poultry company's activities cannot be suspended overnight. They also noted the issue is being politicized instead of focusing on animal health.