Marel Stork Poultry Processing will highlight several products at VIV Asia 2013, including a harvesting module, an opening machine and a plucker, according to the company.

The fillet/wing harvesting module of the Stork front half filleting system (FHF-XB) harvests fillets with at least the first poultry joint attached. The module can cut of the wings with a minimum amount of breast meat, according to the company, and positions the fillets to facilitate downstream processes. This is done via several smart fillet handling belts.

The VO-20 RS opening machine reference series does its job in a way which prevents damage to the intestines and does not bare the tip of the breast bone. The length of the opening cut can be adjusted during production allowing an opening cut to be made irrespective of product weight. A leaf fat retention option adds value to the product and gives extra harvesting options. 

Hygiene-focused design features such as a more open build, sloped horizontal surfaces and no blind spots make the machine easier to clean, said Stork. 

The D203S plucker has two plucking cabinets shaped to suit heavier birds. Each cabinet has three rows of 20 plucking discs with six plucking fingers fitted at an angle. Each row of discs is offset from its neighbor to create a compact plucking/picking field covering the whole bird. Cabinets are adjustable for height and width and can be rotated about their central axis. Settings can be changed quickly, easily and precisely. The cabinet on one side of the machine can be swung out to provide generous access for finger changing and cleaning.

VIV Asia will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, March 13–15.