Poultry Examination and Diagnostics, a multimedia resource developed by poultry specialists at Cornell University and the United States Department of Agriculture, is now available online for free

The information is also available on a three-disc DVD set that can be installed on a laptop computer and used in the field. This DVD set includes a three-hour instructional video series and the interactive diagnostic tool, Atlas of Avian Diseases. The tool is designed to allow users to search for clinical images demonstrating a variety of diseases and review up-to-date recommendations on diagnostic testing, prevention, and control measures.
Video topics in Poultry Examination and Diagnostics, featuring 3D animations designed to simplify learning, include:


  • Avian Necropsy Examination  - a step-by-step guide to performing a systematic post-mortem exam in poultry with an emphasis on recognizing gross lesions, and;
  • Avian Diagnostic Sample Collection  - detailed instructions for collecting and submitting high-quality blood, tissue, and swab samples for serology, histopathology, bacteriological, and viral isolation.