“Global food and beverage Industry Survey 2013: Economic Outlook in BRIC” is a new report that provides an extensive and authoritative analysis of the economic outlook of Brazil, Russia, India and China for 2013.

The report grants access to the opinions and strategies of business decision makers and competitors with regard to the growth prospects of the four largest emerging economies, and examines their actions surrounding business opportunities in these countries in 2013. In addition, the global food and beverage industry survey report provides a comprehensive account of the opinions conveyed by executives to help the reader judge which of the BRIC nations could really be the drivers of the global economy in 2013. The report also provides access to information categorized by company type, region, and company turnover.


Highlights of the survey, available from ASD Reports, include:


  • In total, 59 percent and 53 percent of supplier respondents consider China and India as the most significant BRIC markets, respectively.
  • The industry survey reveals that manufacturer respondents gave comparatively more preference to business with China over the next 12 months, while suppliers prefer Brazil.
  • Of supplier respondents, "unfavorable government policies" is considered the key barrier for business dealings with Russia in 2013, followed by "poor infrastructure" for business with India.
  • In total, both manufacturer and supplier respondents from the global food and beverage industry consider that the "policy towards foreign investment" will see some positive changes in 2013 across all four BRIC nations.
  • Overall, 49 percent of manufacturer respondents state that there are "no major changes expected" in the future economic outlook of Russia in 2013.