At VIV Asia 2013, Petersime will demonstrate Eagle Eye: a new software package that allows hatchery managers to monitor and control their entire hatchery from a single computer.


Eagle Eye provides an integrated solution for all of the key parameters and settings in the hatchery: incubators, room conditions, cooling water temperatures, parameters related to air handling, etc., according to the company. Some of the software’s main features include: 

  • Custom-made layout: the hatchery displayed on the computer main screen is based on the actual layout of the hatchery. 
  • Alarm status overview: Eagle Eye features an immediate and complete overview of all of the alarms in the hatchery, allowing hatchery managers to interfere instantly. 
  • Dynamic zoom: from the main hatchery layout screen you can zoom in to view the particular parameters of each room in the hatchery.
  • Real-time and historical trending: using clear graphics, Eagle Eye helps hatchery managers to analyse the incubation and hatchery parameters over time. 
  • Enhanced bio-security management: to guarantee optimal bio-security in the hatchery, Eagle Eye includes active filter control on the air handling systems. Moreover, the temperature and humidity in all critical rooms is continuously controlled so as to safeguard bio-security at all levels. 
VIV Asia will take place March 13–15, in Bangkok, Thailand.