Zoetis, formerly the animal health business unit of Pfizer, has announced its vision for business in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, EuAfME. The animal health company, which includes solutions for poultry, swine and cattle, aims to have its products, services and people as the most valued by customers around the region and the world. 

This builds on 60 years of experience in the animal health sector, Zoetis executive vice president and area president for the EuAfME region Alejandro Bernal explains: “We are united around this shared vision, and we strive every day to help customers meet their real-world challenges through quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products, genetic tests and a range of services. We are dedicated solely to animal health and focusing on our core business so our customers can grow theirs.”

Such strong and sustainable business growth will be achieved through six key strategies:

  • Leveraging direct local presence and strong customer relationships;
  • Further penetrating emerging markets;
  • Pursuing new product development and value-added lifecycle management to extend the product portfolio;
  • Remaining partner of choice for access to new products and technologies;
  • Continuing to provide high quality products; and
  • Expanding complementary businesses to become a more complete and trusted partner

Working closer

Zoetis combines local presence with strong customer relationships. Across the EuAfME region, Zoetis has 2,600 staff, offices in 17 countries, and conducts business in more than 60 countries.


In addition to working closely with customers, Zoetis strives to collaborate with universities and other research organisations. One example of this is the partnership with the University of Stirling, a leading research organisation based in Scotland.

Professor Randolph Richards, from Stirling, adds: “Academia is increasingly realising the benefits of working with industry on research projects, and is concentrating on those with more direct impact rather than on pure research. In our own case, Zoetis has been able to provide resources which were otherwise unavailable to us, with funding opportunity being provided through the UK Technology Strategy Board.”

Bernal adds: “We are a region with a broad diversity of markets, with a strong demand for protein [and production], and considerable growth in developing countries. But we have a broad portfolio of products and services, which together with the value created by our field force, makes Zoetis in EuAfME uniquely positioned to create strong relationships with customers.”