Port-A-Cool LLC, manufacturer of KÜÜL pads evaporative cooling media, announced today that the Center, Texas, company will be establishing a manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

Projected startup date for the plant is December, which will create new jobs in the area, according to the company.

KÜÜL pads are designed and engineered specifically for different marketplaces. KÜÜL pads have been engineered to consider the product demands associated with application in the agricultural/horticultural, residential and commercial evaporative cooling markets.  They  are constructed with a heavier, virgin quality kraft paper containing a higher resin content which provides effective and efficient cooling while giving KÜÜL pads greater durability, strength and longevity.  


The cooling media is constructed of a specially formulated paper impregnated with insoluble resin. It is designed with a cross-fluted configuration, which induces highly turbulent mixing between the water and the air inside the pad; the air is bent at angles designed to maximize the evaporative efficiency while offering the least restriction of airflow. The cross-fluted design makes the pad strong, self-cleaning and self-supporting with high evaporative efficiency and low-pressure drop. The system used for manufacturing KÜÜL pads allows the manufacture of custom flute angle designs as well as the standard angles.  

Port-A-Cool also manufactures Port-A-Cool and KuulAire portable evaporative cooling units.  The company is focused on Europe, North America and China while exporting to more than 50 countries throughout the world.