International agriculture firm H.J. Baker & Bro. Inc. has announced it has purchased Rumiphos Industria e Comercio de Sal Mineral e Racoes located in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The firm has also acquired Mineral Fanton Industrial e Comercio Ltda., located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a producer of free choice minerals for beef cattle, and feed for cattle, horses and sheep.

The acquisitions of Rumiphos and Fanton are part of H.J. Baker's strategy to establish a stronger presence in international agricultural emerging markets, according to the company. “We are pleased to announce the purchases of Rumiphos and Fanton," said Christopher V. B. Smith, president and CEO of H. J. Baker. "We all know that natural forages and pastures can be mineral deficient and protein deficient in the cold season. Providing beef cattle, horses and sheep free choice minerals helps produce healthier herds, increased growth and improved reproduction. Rumiphos and Fanton are producing free choice minerals of the same high quality and standards that we maintain for all our products.”

As H. J. Baker continues to expand its international presence, the company is launching sales and production facilities in agribusiness sectors where it has established expertise. “Rumiphos and Fanton have established sales forces that are eager to work with cattle ranchers and farmers," said Francisco Olbrich, country manager for H. J. Baker do Brasil. "Having the resources of H.J. Baker behind us will allow us to grow and meet the needs of this growing industry."