In February a new name appeared in the poultry animal health arena  Zoetis Global Poultry. The new company has 60 years of experience in animal health and the largest research and field organizations in the animal health industry.

Zoetis was formed from Pfizer Animal Health as an independent business in early 2013. Pfizer Inc. holds a majority ownership stake of 80 percent, but Zoetis functions as a totally independent company. This offers the best of all worlds to the company's customers, according to Paco Ortiz , senior vice president Global Poultry and newly established brands.


Experience counts

"We have a new name, but that doesn't mean we are inexperienced," says Ortiz. "We have 60 years of experience in animal health." The poultry business unit includes what was known as Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry and is based in Durham, N.C.

"We have always been a science-driven company, and we will continue to be that as Zoetis," says Ortiz. Zoetis has more than 1,000 colleagues in its research and development centers. "Our goal is to get closer to the customer, understand their needs better and respond to them with innovative products," says Ortiz.

Zoetis is organized by five regions  United States; Canada and Latin America; Europe, Africa and Middle East; and Asia Pacific  each led by an executive vice president. In addition, Zoetis has groups such as Global Poultry that focus on a species across all markets.  

Ortiz says the Global Poultry team is dedicated to understanding the evolving needs of its customers. "We see our role as providing poultry producers and veterinarians with cost-effective solutions to managing disease, optimizing flock performance and driving profitability under sustainable conditions," he says. "We are committed to working with our customers to make sure they benefit fully from our broad portfolio of vaccines, biodevices, medicinal feed additives and diagnostics. With our product range we are can offer the customer a solution, rather than just promoting a product."



Big opportunities

Ortiz sees a big opportunity in poultry production today and in the future with predicted increases in poultry meat consumption. "By 2050 poultry will be the first meat choice for consumers, taking market from pork and beef," he says. "That is a huge opportunity for the poultry industry worldwide."

As an animal health company Zoetis is aware of changes in the regulatory environment worldwide. "This stricter regulatory environment is not a problem for us," Ortiz says. "Our products meet the highest standards in safety and efficiency."

Today's emphasis on feed efficiency is not a new concept for Zoetis. "We were talking about cost of feed rising 20 years ago," says Ortiz. "There is an opportunity to build better programs to help producers eliminate some of the cost pressures, reduce problems with quality and to be more efficient."

Being an independent company gives Zoetis new opportunities. Being a standalone animal health company allows Zoetis to focus on the industry more than before. Ortiz points out that while Zoetis still has access to Pfizer's tremendous R&D, as an independent company it can now collaborate with other animal health and nutrition companies, when appropriate.

That plays into what Ortiz says is the core of the company. "Our access to research is good, both internally and externally. We are a science-driven company. That is our core."