Hundreds of egg industry leaders are gathered in Madrid to discuss the latest issues affecting their industry - including how to benefit from European consumers' declining consumption of red meat products.

The leaders and decision makers from egg businesses across the world are meeting this week, April 7-9, in Madrid, at the first of this year's International Egg Commission conferences.

Joanne Ivy, International Egg Commission Chairman, officially opened the conference on Sunday evening; she welcomed over 320 delegates, from 30 different countries, to Spain's capital city. Spain is home to one of the largest egg industries within Europe, so provides a perfect setting for international industry leaders to discuss the latest issues and trends affecting their industry globally.

This is a very positive time for many in the egg industry: As many European countries are experiencing a decline in the consumption of red meat, consumers are relying even more on eggs as a safe and reliable source of animal protein. During the next two days, delegates at the IEC conference will hear from international marketing expert, Professor David Hughes; he will share his expertise on this highly topical issue, as he discusses whether eggs and egg products can capitalize on the decline in red meat consumption. 


Other speakers who will be sharing their expertise on Monday and Tuesday in Madrid include:

• Dr Alejando Thiermann from OIE discussing "Global Animal Health Challenges"
• Professor Louise Fresco discussing "Sustainable Intensification"
• Professor Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst discussing "Globalisation of Egg Products and Egg Trade"
• Cesar de Anda will share his insights and developments from Mexico

Other speakers presenting during Monday's conference session include Professor David Hughes, Dr Vincent Covello, Dr Alejando Thiermann, and Dr Mitch Kanter.