AB Vista is set to introduce Quantum Blue to South Africa, where it is now registered for use. The product gets its official South African launch in Sun City at this year's Global Feed and Food Congress, where AB Vista is exhibiting April 10-12 at booth 71.

First successfully launched across a number of markets in January 2012, Quantum Blue has already delivered unprecedented performance benefits for pig and poultry producers around the world - and further benefits have been delivered to customers applying the superdosing concept to their feeds. In South Africa, the product has been registered under approval number V24691.

With the presence of phytate in animal diets costing around $6 per metric ton in lost performance, Quantum Blue is optimised for maximum phytate destruction and improved feed efficiency. It will not only remove the bulk of phytate from plant-based ingredients, but also release larger amounts of healthy minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Quantum Blue gives a better feed conversion rate than other phytase products, making it even more cost-effective. And thanks to its unrivalled intrinsic thermostability, the product retains its beneficial properties through feed production processes.

"Just over a year after its initial launch, AB Vista is delighted to be introducing Quantum Blue to our growing customer base in South Africa. By leading the next generation of phytase products, we can help the African feed industry meet the challenges of today's highly competitive climate, and unlock more value from feed than was previously possible with phytase," said Ari Kiviniemi, AB Vista global sales director.