Aviagen marked the introduction of the company's new Parent Stock Handbook with the organization of three customer seminars at VIV Asia 2013 in Bangkok for of each of their commercial products.

The handbook has 180 pages dedicated to the management of parent stock for customers around the world. 

The new Parent Stock Handbook is a significant upgrade on previous publications, according to the company, comprising nine sections compared to just four in the previous manual, and contains many more photographs and practical examples to assist in communicating effective descriptions and offering advice on various aspects of breeder management. 


The handbook covers a range of topics to more effectively manage parent stock performance. Within the nine sections in the handbook the presenter, Michael Longley, global technical transfer manager for Aviagen, highlighted some of the changes and areas he believes are important in achieving optimum growth and productivity of parent stock. They were: critical age objectives, relative humidity, temperature profile, grading to manage uniformity, stocking density, monitoring growth, assessment of physical condition, care of hatching eggs and environmental requirements. 

More than 150 attendees were present during one of the seminars for Arbor Acres Plus, Indian River and Ross during the afternoon to hear the speakers and participate in the discussion at the end of each session and to receive their copies of the new Parent Stock Handbook.   

"We are encouraged by the attendance and interest that was expressed by customers in the new parent stock handbook," said Longley. "Their enthusiasm is welcome as the handbook represents a major collaborative effort by a significant group of Aviagen contributors encompassing technical people in the regions, technical specialists along with the technical transfer group and marketing."