Scientific evaluation of the different alternative solutions for coccidiosis management in broilers has shown that Oilis allows the best European Performance Index during the recovery period and optimum nutrients' assimilation.
Coccidiosis is a very common pathology in broiler houses actually controlled by antibiotic coccidiostatic products. Due to increase of microbes' resistance to antibiotics, the tendency now is to reduce their use in animal farming. Because of that, there is growing need for alternatives to those antibiotic products.

In this context, the current study is aimed to compare the efficiency of different non antibiotic products for broiler chickens affected by coccidiosis.

Oilis, Neovia's natural alternative solution for coccidiosis, has been tested among its competitors' products on a specific challenge model developed by Neovia, where birds are inoculated with three different strains of Eimeria species to generate clinical coccidiosis The results of the study performed on 660-day old chicks are synthetized on the following poster presented during 10th Poultry Research Days in France. They prove that Oilis group obtained the best performances in general and especially during the recovery period.


Furthermore, intestinal lesions in different part of intestinal tract are reduced by Oilis allowing faster recovery and thus a better nutrients' assimilation. This is also clearly illustrated by the significantly higher plasmatic coloration obtained in the Oilis group.

To conclude, this trial demonstrates that Oilis is able to limit the impact of coccidiosis in broiler chicken farms. Efficiency and mode of actions of products proved to be very variable, confirming the necessity to evaluate the different products on suitable targeted models.

In this context, Oilis allows the best European Performance Index, especially in the recovery period and optimizes assimilation of nutrients.