Wal-Mart announced that it has expanded and enhanced its Great Value brand in the United States.

The new, expanded line of products will begin appearing on shelves this month, according to published reports. The retailer's Great Value brand, first introduced in 1993, spans more than 100 categories and is the country's largest food brand in both sales and volume.

With a strong focus on better quality, Wal-Mart said it has worked with several hundred suppliers and product testing facilities to accomplish several things:

• Test more than 5,250 products against leading national brands to ensure Great Value quality is equal to or better than the national ones.


• Conduct more than 2,700 consumer tests to compare the flavor, aroma texture, color and appearance of Great Value products against leading national brands.

• Change the formulas for 750 items including: breakfast cereal, cookies, yogurt, laundry detergent and paper towels.

• Introduce more than 80 new products such as thin crust pizza, fat-free caramel swirl ice cream, strawberry yogurt, organic cage-free eggs, double stuffed sandwich cookies, teriyaki beef jerky and more.

In addition to product testing, Wal-Mart said it had redesigned Great Value packaging graphics to create a consistent, recognizable look throughout the store, making it easier for customers to find the products. The company said it has also reduced packaging when possible as part of the company's sustainability goals.