Food and feed quality and safety are increasingly hot button issues requiring the feed and pet food industries to prepare and respond to the upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act. In response, the American Feed Industry Association and Kansas State University are offering AFIA 520 - Advanced Feed Safety and Quality Assurance Protocols completely online.

The course was developed by Kansas State's Department of Grain Science and Industry and North Carolina State University's Department of Poultry Science along with leading industry experts to provide training and understanding of the industry's increasingly complex requirements for quality and safety.


"Not only is safe food and safe feed customer driven, it is also driven by a need to comply with the upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act," says Keith Epperson, American Feed Industry Association vice president of manufacturing and training. "Our industry has a clear focus to understand the requirements and be actively involved in compliance."

The course starts on May 20, 2013, and will last for five weeks with participants working at their own pace and engaging in online discussion. The cost is $499 for American Feed Industry Association members and $685 for non-members. Size is limited to 50 participants so early registration is recommended. Visit the association's website to register.