BioFuelBox Corporation announced Jan. 30 the removal of a key technical obstacle that has prevented wide-scale conversion of waste greases into biodiesel for nationwide on-road applications.

“Historically there have been many challenges producing biodiesel from waste greases,” said Steve Perricone, president and CEO of BioFuelBox. “Over the last five years, the BioFuelBox team has systematically addressed each of them and has recently overcome one of the most daunting – the removal of sulfur in order to meet on-road ASTM specifications.”


With the ability to cost effectively remove sulfur and other contaminants from waste greases, BioFuelBox paves the way for use of a wider array of feedstocks including fats, oils and grease derived from waste sources. Until now, these materials were either land filled or incinerated without capturing any of the energy potential inherent in them.