Finding ways to promote the welfare standards of British poultry production should help boost sales of home-produced chicken meat in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, according to a British poultry producer.

Patrick Joice, who produces 5.5 million broilers a year in Fakenham, Norfolk, England, said increased interest in traceability means producers should make more effort to explain to consumers about the high standards they adhere to.

Speaking ahead of this year's Pig and Poultry LIVE event at Stoneleigh Park on May 15, where welfare will be one of the leading topics under discussion, Joice said producers should work with retailers to educate shoppers about UK welfare standards.

"The foundation of our business is welfare, but public perception of what we do and what actually happens differs hugely. That has to change," Joice said.


"On the back of the horsemeat scandal there is a push from retailers to work with British agriculture and we need to take advantage of that.

"I hope this means we will work as a united front with retailers to educate the consumer and get around these welfare myths."

This and other welfare issues will be discussed at this year's Pig and Poultry LIVE event, organized by the Royal Agricultural Society of England and partnered by ABN.