Yearsley Logistics, a United Kingdom logistics service provider for the frozen food sector, has taken delivery of its first Urban Trailers to further reduce the carbon footprint from its nationwide operation.

The trailers facilitate increased load fill, and therefore reduction of the number of journeys required. They enhance the maneuverability of the operation within town centers while achieving a higher payload. They also carry a new logo as part of the recent corporate rebranding, which was exclusively showcased at the 2013 Commercial Vehicle Show.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the vehicles will be monitored from three of Yearsley Logistics UK sites  Heywood, Hams Hall and Gillingham over a three-month period and will determine the future rollout of more trailers within the fleet.


Yearsley Logistics Operations Director Mark Haslam said, "These new additions represent our next steps in an on-going strategy of replacing vehicles to ensure they remain as environmentally friendly and cost efficient as possible. The Urban's benefits in increased payload and cube are clear but the varied profile of Yearsley's food service customers and the specific access restrictions of urban areas mean we are trialing the vehicles across the UK. If successful, we will look to purchase more."

Yearsley Logistics have made a total $3.5 million investment in solar panels at seven of its 13 cold stores over the past two years as it looks to increase the amount of energy it obtains from renewable sources. Other recent green moves include the implementation of management systems for reducing waste road miles and the company has installed energy efficient LED lighting and doors.