Most of the time, innovation in the bio-pharmaceutical field is associated with the scientific research and development teams. But having the latest technology vaccines is of little value if you cannot produce them efficiently, on time and to the highest quality standards.

As a result, Ceva recently organized its first industrial innovation day - entitled Together, Creative Innovation, inviting five key industrial partners to its European biology center in Budapest to share their ideas about future innovation.

The five suppliers - Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rame-Hart, GE Life Sciences and Actemium Toulouse - gave very positive feedback to the day.

 "I must say that the seminar was very enlightening. It really satisfies us to meet our customers face to face and better understand what their needs are. The strategic ambitions of Ceva really match the core objectives that we have and that is to make this world a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live," said Tariq Haq, senior global product manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific.


From a Ceva perspective, the day produced a number of ideas that could have immediate benefits and some "blue sky" thinking that may result in new technologies being adopted for the first time in biological production. 

Arnaud Bourgeois, Ceva's Head of Biology was delighted with the outcome of the day.

"What we call industrial is more than just manufacturing, it's investment, it's purchasing, it's even financial control because having a good cost of goods is important to our competitiveness in the future.  That's where I really want our efforts in future years to be concentrated," Bourgeois said.