The fourth annual technical seminar for Ross Parent Stock customers took place recently in Belarus. The event, organized by Aviagen together with its grandparent customer PPR Broiler, OAO Agrocombinat Dzerzhinsky, took place near Minsk and saw 90 delegates attend.

As well as receiving first-hand information about the new Ross 308 Parent Stock Nutrition Specifications, guests at the seminar heard presentations on biosecurity and successful brooding, while Neil Clark, Aviagen regional technical service manager, gave an overview of PS and broiler results from around the globe. The seminar also included a question and answer session, as well as demonstrations of the Aviagen Russian website and technical center.

"We were delighted to see even more attendees at this year's seminar," said Clark. "The main objective was to introduce the new Ross 308 PS Nutrition Specifications and one of our nutritionists, Antonio Kalinowski, did a terrific job in explaining to the audience how new nutrition specs are compiled and how, apart from experimental and practical data analysis, new modelling tools, that makes nutrition recommendations much more accurate, are applied."


One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of the first ever Best Ross Broiler Flock Awards for Belarus. The winner was OAO Agrocombinat Dzerzhinsky, with OAO Poultry Farm Druzhba and OAO Vitebskaya Broiler Poultry Farm as runner-ups.

"We would like to congratulate our Ross Broiler Flock Awards winners on achieving such outstanding results which are testament to the genetic potential of the Ross 308 and the hard work and dedication by our customers to ensure that this potential is realized in their operations," said Clark.