A group of major retailers from five European countries have released the Brussels Soy Declaration, in which they pledge to support the non-genetically modified soy production system in operation in Brazil. The Brussels Soy Declaration emphasizes that retailers see animal feed as the main route by which genetically modified soy gets into the food chain.

The signatories have declared their full support for the continued, and even expanded, production of GMO-free soy in Brazil to provide European consumers with GMO-free food products, thereby giving them the option to exercise “their right to individual food sovereignty”.


Augusto Freire, president of the Proterra Foundation, which administers a certification program scheme for non-GMO, commented in addition to his own organization’s scheme, both the Brazilian association of non-GMO grain producers and processors, ABRANGE, and the Brazilian soy industry association, APROSOJA, have provided clear evidence that non-GMO soy volumes are not only secure, but growing year on year.

He went on to say: “Recently, four British retailers announced that they would no longer require eggs and poultry to be produced using non-GMO feed, giving the reason that there is poor availability of non-GM soy, particularly from the main supply source, Brazil. In light of this declaration the UK retailers are in danger of being viewed as ‘backward-thinking’ on the issue.”