A new biomass power plant is coming to North Carolina. Fibrowatt has selected a site offered by Montgomery County near Biscoe, N.C., to build a new power plant that will be fueled with poultry litter and other biomass materials. Construction is expected to start in 2010 and the plant is scheduled to open in 2012.

“The substantial economic investment that Fibrowatt is making in Montgomery County is extraordinarily valuable, especially during these challenging economic times,” said Lance Metzler, county manager of Montgomery County. “This project will support 100 new jobs and have a significant, positive impact on our economy. At the same time, Fibrowatt is offering an important service to the local poultry industry that will deliver economic and environmental benefits.” 


Fibrowatt has previously announced plans to build poultry litter-fueled power plants in Sampson and Surry counties. The next steps include signing long-term agreements for the purchase of the plants renewable energy and proceeding with permitting, financing and construction.