The meeting of the Aviagen European Technical Team was held in Barcelona, Spain. Aviagen, a poultry breeding company, is based in Huntsville, Ala. The twice-annual meeting shares information from 38 countries and 50 million parent stock birds. Highlighted were regions that reported their highest ever chick quality figures in recent months. Various technical managers were able to discuss and share a variety of environmental and management data behind that success.

Also on the agenda was the success of the Ross PM3, a smaller bird in the European market. Further research and development work formed part of the meeting. A new trials facility at Spelderholt in the Netherlands was also introduced.

Alan Thomson, regional technical and commercial manager of Western Europe and the UK, who chaired the meeting, said, "This might be an internal meeting but it is all about our customers and the service we give them. We take a look at a huge amount of data from across Europe covering vastly different environmental and management conditions; this gives a great picture of the true performance potential of Aviagen birds.

"Utilizing feedback from customers as well as our own extensive research and development means we can see clearly what is working well in different markets and if there might be a way to replicate that success elsewhere.


"By sharing information we can provide a better level of support and advice to customers."

Other key topics included upcoming technical publications for customers, advances in breeder selection and new nutritional specifications. Nearly 50 attendees at the Barcelona meeting heard updates from all Aviagen European business units and seven different speakers over two days.

Thomson said: "We'd like to give a huge thank you to all our customers who have provided feedback and information over the past 12 months.

"The combined European team spends around 4,500 days with customers each year and we speak no less than 16 different languages between us. Meetings such as this are a vital part of our ongoing strategy to share information, update knowledge and provide feedback to ensure that all team members are best equipped to support customers."