Agrícola Ariztía, a Chilean poultry producers, commissioned Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies for the supply and installation of a grand parent hatchery in Lagunillas. Pas Reform will supply setters and hatchers as well as the complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for the new hatchery, which is due to be operational in June 2013.

Manuel Ariztía, president of Agrícola Ariztía said, "Agrícola Ariztía has worked for several years now with Pas Reform's Smart incubator series, in both our broiler and turkey operations in Chile. During this time, we have seen benefits in terms of dependability and performance, with a substantial drop in maintenance budgets where we have installed the Smart Incubators into our system.

"With this first-hand experience and the results delivered in the other hatcheries, it was a relatively easy decision to continue to work with Pas Reform as our incubation supplier for the new Grand Parent project."

Agrícola Ariztía has, says the company's hatchery manager, Clemente Cerda, found Pas Reform do Brasil's engineers and technicians to be very well-informed in their use and understanding of the latest technologies, and well positioned to provide incubation support from their base in Brazil. This combined with real depth of local knowledge was extremely valuable for the hatchery.


According to Bouke Hamminga, director of international sales and business development for Pas Reform, the new project is an indication of customer satisfaction from an important customer in Latin America, both with the incubators and with the support by Pas Reform locally.

"Agrícola Ariztía is well known in this part of the world," he concludes. "Building another project for this ambitious company is a strong reference for Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies in this important region.

"Over the past 10 years, Pas Reform do Brasil has expanded its customer-base to almost every Latin American country and we look forward to strengthening that presence still further in the future."