The poultry industry and legislation that would need to be implemented by countries seeking to join the European Union were the main topics discussed when more than 80 participants from Serbia attended Cobb Germany's annual seminar in Novi Sad. Cobb is a poultry research company that produces and sells broiler breeding stock.

James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, together with Jasmina Atlic from local representative Iradia, opened the event speaking about the impact of high raw material prices on the poultry industry and about Cobb's broiler breeder worldwide. Iradia is a Serbia-based poultry production company.

A series of technical presentations dealt with health and management issues. Matthias Todte, chief veterinarian of Cobb Germany, spoke about infectious bronchitis and mycoplasma as currently two of the biggest local health challenges. Poultry expert Ron Meijerhof presented principles of light and its impact on production while Marek Pospiech, from Poland, introduced new techniques in breeder rearing management.

The seminar was closed by Rade Skoric, director of Serbian Poultry Union speaking about the local market situation and legislation issues, and Ermin Grbic, from Cobb's technical support, who advised about Cobb male management and latest breeder nutrition recommendations.