International agriculture firm H. J. Baker announced its poultry feed additive facilities in Fort Smith, Ark., Sanford, N.C., and Westville, Okla., have earned the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification.

Mark Hohnbaum, president of H.J. Baker's Feed Products Group said, "We are very pleased to receive this certification. We have worked hard to ensure each of our poultry feed ingredient manufacturing facilities meets the rigorous standards set by the Safe Feed/Safe Food program. H.J. Baker is committed to delivering the best product possible. It is important our customers know that we don't just meet Food and Drug Administration guidelines - we exceed them and this certification demonstrates that commitment."

The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program is a voluntary, third-party-certified initiative designed for feed mills and feed ingredient-related facilities in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The program establishes standards of excellence that go beyond existing regulations to show leadership and maximize food and feed safety. The Safe Feed/Safe Food program is administered by the American Feed Industry Association.

Joel G. Newman, American Feed Industry Association president and chief executive officer, said, "H.J. Baker should be commended for showing leadership in this important program. The employees have gone the extra mile to demonstrate a strong commitment to food safety and offer reasons to their customers and consumers for increased confidence in the products they provide. The companies participating in Safe Feed/Safe Food are making outstanding efforts."

The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program is open to livestock feed and pet food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, integrated producers, meat processors, feed purchasers, livestock producers, renderers and others who want to demonstrate a commitment to food safety. The certification signifies that qualifying companies have embraced the feed industry's role in creating feed-based safety programs, they are doing their part to reduce food safety risks, they are participating in an approved risk-management program and they are aggressively practicing risk reduction.

H.J. Baker's Fort Smith, Sanford and Westville facilities manufacture feed ingredients for poultry including Pro-Pak Protein Concentrate and H.J. Baker's Pro-Plus Animal Protein Concentrate.