TheSeventh AgriVisionanimal nutrition conference will take place from June 18-20 in Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands. The conference will examine the options for feeding nine billion people in 2050 through improved productivity, new technologies and by addressing the ever-increasing demand for resources. It is encapsulated in the theme "Time to Resourcify."
Since its beginning in 2000, AgriVision has been a meeting place for decision makers in the worldwide animal feed-to-food industry. Nutreco alternately organizes AgriVision and AquaVision conferences and aims to set the direction for future developments in the industry. To feed the growing world population in a sustainable way requires a combination of three possible scenarios, according to McKinsey research: increasing resource supply, boosting resource productivity and responding to the threat of climate change by for instance reducing our environmental footprint.


The AgriVision speakers in 2013 include international presenters and rising stars from emerging economies. Keynote speaker, and an authority on strategy, competition and competitive advantage, Professor Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School will explain what strategy is and the key principles that underlie strategic positioning. He will also define the concept of shared value, highlight the differences with corporate social responsibility and explain how shared value can be measured. Shared value offers the animal nutrition industry new ways to innovate.