Brazilian pig meat exports decreased by 25 percent in April 2013 as compared to export totals in April 2012, according to the Brazilian Pork Industry and Exporter Association. Pig meat exports reached 35,618 tons, with a revenue decline of 20.86 percent.

Pig meat exports in 2013 total annual value reached 156,035 tons, a 9 percent decline as compared to January to April 2012, with a fall in revenue of 5.27 percent.


During the first four-month period of 2013, Brazil saw an increase in pork shipments to Argentina 9 percent (6,243 t) and 29 percent to Russia (42,213 t). Brazil is shipping less pork products to Singapore (8,394 t, 10 percent decline), Hong Kong (36,333 t, 19 percent decline), and Ukraine (25,097 t, 32 percent decline) as compared to the same period in 2012.