Nutrition, health and overall bird management were top of the agenda at the Eighth Annual Ross Turkey, Middle East and Africa Distributor Customer Focus Team Meeting, held from May 8-10. Ross is a broiler chicken brand owned by poultry producer Aviagen.

Over 25 delegates attended the meeting in Antalya, Turkey, and were welcomed by Regional Technical Manager, Puzant Dakessian. The opening day included discussions on chick quality. Services and support were also discussed during the three day event. Attendees had the chance to join in hands-on workshops. One workshop showed how to check fertility in 12 day old incubated eggs, while the second looked at fresh eggs. Real egg break outs were done to underline the methods being discussed.

Dakessian said, "Our objective at these meetings is to bring together global and regional knowledge and best practice. It helps us discuss various issues and find solutions based on experience, to pass on to our distributors and their customers as well as assess and compare our overall Ross product performances. Ensuring best practise is always a great way to guarantee strong flock performance, hence the need to look at the support we give to our distributors and customers as well as the latest advice. 


"The poultry industry in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa continues to grow and expand despite all the regional political turmoil and increased production costs. We are lucky to be in an industry which produces affordable protein for human consumption and also to be in a region of significant growth in the population and hence in demand, which keeps attracting international breeding companies and independent entrepreneurs to invest in the region for the future."

Individual national round-ups from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and Sudan were available. Other meetings covered topics including the Aviagen SPIDES technology and an overview of the Aviagen Schools in the United States and Europe. Presentations and discussions on controlling major diseases were available as well.