An egg producer in the Australian state of Victoria is being investigation as part of efforts to identify the source of an outbreak of salmonellsosis that affected 140 people and hospitalized 15 who had eaten mayonnaise at a restaurant in Canberra.

The outbreak first emerged in mid May and, at the height of the investigation, Australian Capital Territory Health had up to 30 people working on the case at any given time. Emergency response protocols were activated at Canberra Hospital and Calvary Hospital in response to the increasing number of people affected.


Dr. Paul Kelly, ACT chief health officer, commented that he had been struck by the symptoms of the outbreak and the attack rate, and that almost everyone who ate at the restaurant fell ill. Of those treated all had diarrhea, 94 percent presented with abdominal cramps and 92 had fever. One person has ongoing problems related to the infection.

Veterinary inspections are ongoing at the egg farm.