Efrat Broiler Breeders Ltd, the Ross 308 Grand Parent distributor in Israel, recently held a seminar in Marrakech, Morocco. More than 70 customers attended the seminar.

The event focused on performance -- both now and in the future. Topics included a look at European welfare levels, as well as staple issues like nutrition and male management.

The audience heard from Tommy Taylor, Aviagen head of UK GP farming operations. Taylor gave an insight into the performance objectives and expectations of Ross birds. Jim McAdam, UK breeding program director, also outlined exciting future trends and areas of interest for the market.


"This biannual Efrat event provides a great opportunity for our customers to catch up and swap ideas as well as understand what is going on in other parts of the Ross world," said Efrat managing director Boaz Shkedi. "Aviagen is able to draw on a wealth of global knowledge and external consultants for these events and which is extremely appreciated by Efrat and our guests."

One such external consultant was Gordon Butland who discussed the global broiler meat industry while Hicham Didi from Aviagen S.A.U., Spain, provided an overview of the Moroccan market. Other presentations included optimum lighting for broilers and the science of fertility along with the need and importance of accurately record flock data plus how analysing historical information can confirm trends and or uncover issues before they become serious.

"We are very grateful to Aviagen and all the customers, speakers and guests who made this a marvelous event and one that will be remembered by all who attended this special occasion," said David Kliot, CEO of 80group.