Compassion Over Killing (COK) and an egg consumer have filed a lawsuit in Middlesex Country Superior Court in New Jersey against United Egg Producers, and ISE America, an egg farm, alleging violations of consumer protection laws based on the continued use of the “America Care Certified” logo. COK says the label is deceptive and that UEP agreed to stop using it in April 2006.


UEP says that the egg producer notified the carton manufacturer to change the carton labels to display the new UEP Certified logo in November 2005, consistent with the agreement reached between UEP and the Federal Trade Commission. UEP says that sometime in early 2007, a mistake was made by the label printing company, which resulted in the display of the old logo on the inside panel of the egg carton. The outside panel carton correctly displayed the new UEP Certified logo. UEP continues that “this was an error that went undiscovered by the carton manufacturer or the producer but demonstrates how closely animal activists are watching the egg industry.”