Software updates from WEDA provide new tools designed for pig farmers to help increase the efficiency of their operation by comparing data between the animal house segments of mating station, waiting section and farrowing section.

Based on the new software architecture, the sows can now also be identified as individual animals in the group at the feed valve. Animals standing at the feed trough will not be anonymous any more. Also data from an external computer, as for instance the demand feeding station "4PX SowComp" can be read in from the liquid feeding computer via interface. This way, important data is stored in the main computer, for example, the number of the sow, the number of the responder, or the day of the cycle. The sow only has to be allocated to the respective feed valve.

Additional applications complete the WEDA program. The exchange of data by means of Mobile Data Recording (MDE: offline solutions for sows with eartag reader. The Search Function with the help of the MDE is practical in sow managements as the mobile device is cross-linked with the work schedule of the computer.


If the sows have considerably fallen short of their target feed, the pig farmer is able to identify the animals in question by scanning their eartags. In case of the animal in question, the device acknowledges the scan of the eartag with an acoustic signal. A look at the display tells the pig farmer immediately the reason for the alarm by presenting him the respective data.

Furthermore, sows are able to receive a reduction or a supplement of their feed rations depending on the number of piglets. Finally, the system allows the adding of an animal-individual amount of water at the valve by integrating the water curve for each sow into the feed graph.

As an online solution it is also possible to control the processes with the W-Mobile. This way, all important feeding data can be looked at or altered by Smartphone, Tablet or other mobile terminal equipment - worldwide or inside the house.