UK supermarket chain Asda has launched a supply scheme in conjunction with processor and grower Faccenda, which is designed to increase the security of broiler and turkey farmers supplying the retailer and to ensure a sustainable supply for the chain's stores. 

As part of the scheme, known as PoultryLink, poultry farmers will be able to access seven "industry-leading" crop contracts, easing planning and aiding long-term profitability. 

Asda Agriculture Manager Pearce Hughes commented: "As we have in other sectors, such as the beef, pork and lamb industries, we want to develop long-term partnerships with our farmers to ensure a continued secure supply of poultry products from top-level poultry producers."


The scheme will see coordination of resources across the supply chain to help identify and overcome issues facing the poultry sector, including encouraging young people to join the industry and maximizing bird welfare.

Other areas where the retailer says  it hopes to be able to develop improvements in the supply chain include: group buying, renewable energy, helping with favorable finance rates, improving welfare and minimizing disease.