Ross Breeders Africa, an international poultry breeding company, is expanding its Zambian operations with SmartPro incubation technologies and air handling systems from Pas Reform, a hatchery technology provider. The project includes a new broiler hatchery, additional breeder houses, a new grandparent farm, staff housing and ancillary buildings.  

The SmartHatchPro hatchers incorporate anodized aluminum panels and a five-blade, Vortex-based airflow system for complete temperature stabilization. Ross Breeders Zambia is among the first in the world to adopt this incubation system.

The broiler hatchery, situated at Ross' main breeding farm close to Lusaka, will hatch one million day-old broiler chicks per week in the new building, designed to hatch six times per week rather than the conventional four. This system gives Ross Breeders Zambia customers more choice on which day of the week to place broilers.

Additional breeder houses will be constructed when the hatchery is completed in October this year, tripling Ross Breeders Zambia's production capacity with the complete relocation of the current grandparent project to the new site at Mazabuka. This will allow full veterinary compartmentalization of the facility, which will open new export markets and secure the veterinary status of the flocks. The new breeder facility will comprise a dedicated new grandparent hatchery, separate and bio-secure breeder facilities and staff housing. Grandparent farm and parent breeder houses are due for completion by the end of 2014. 

"This investment is a reflection of [Ross Breeders Zambia's] continuing commitment to the Region as an expanding economy. The new facility will create 200 new jobs in the poultry sector, as a hub for the export of parent stock all over southern and central Africa, as well as providing the local industry with Ross 308 broilers and parents," said Colin Lindsay, managing director of Ross Breeders Zambia.