Pas Reform has recently concluded several contracts for the delivery of Smart and SmartPro in Kazakhstan. These projects will better meet Kazakhstan's demand for poultry meat, at the same time significantly reducing the country's dependence on poultry imports. Domestic poultry production benefits from growing industrial capacity and strong domestic demand, and now accounts for half of all poultry consumed in Kazakhstan.

Priirtyshskaya Broilernaya Ptitsefabrika has recently refurbished its hatchery in Eastern Kazakhstan Oblast, with Smart incubation from Pas Reform. The commission includes SmartSet setters, SmartHatch hatchers, a pressure controlled ventilation system and hatchery automation systems.

Vostok Broiler (formerly Semey Kus) has also opted for Smart incubation, with the scheduled delivery of 10 SmartSet 38400 setters and six SmartHatch hatchers for a reconstructed facility that is being redirected from egg production to the production of 20,000 tons of broiler meat per year.

Kysylzhar Kus in Pavlodarskaya region is also moving into meat production, with a phased transition that will initially produce 4,000 tons of meat per year, doubling to 8,000 tons. The installation includes four SmartSetPro setters with a capacity of 57,600 eggs each and three SmartHatchPro hatchers, to combat the high cost of energy in the northern region of Kazakhstan and meet the demands of local consumers.


Sarybylak Company commissioned Pas Reform to equip its new broiler hatchery in Chapaevo, Republic of Kazakhstan, with eight SmartSet 77 setters and eight SmartHatch hatchers, hatchery automation and climate control systems. The hatchery is a part of an integration that produces 10,000 metric tonnes of broiler meat per year.