Looking at the top 10 states in table egg layers in flocks 30,000 and above, only two, Iowa and California, showed an increase in layers comparing September 2007 versus the same month in 2008. Iowa was up 2 percent; Ohio, down 7 percent; Indiana, down 1; Pennsylvania, down 4; California, up 1; Texas, down 1; Nebraska, down 8; Florida, down 1; Minnesota, down 5; and Georgia, down 2 percent.

The department’s Economic Research Service predicts egg production to be 1.7 percent higher in 2008 from this year’s levels. Production this year will be 1 percent lower than 2006, USDA forecasts.


On price, USDA forecasts next year’s average to be 89 to 97 cents per dozen, New York, down from $1.03 to $1.05 this year, 71.8 cents in 2006, 65.5 cents in 2005, and 82.2 cents in 2005. Looking at the first half of 2008, USDA forecasts prices to be 95 cents to $1.03, New York, per dozen, in the first quarter, and 83 to 89 cents in the second quarter.

The department forecasts egg demand to be up 1 percent in 2008 from this year’s levels, but down 2.4 percent this year from 2006 levels, and lower than 2004 and ’05 as well.