Northern European food concern HKScan Group is sharpening its brand strategy with the introduction of harmonized company names and the reaffirmation of its country of origin promise for its key brands.

Due to numerous corporate acquisitions, the HKScan Group portfolio currently comprises a diverse set of company names. These include HK Ruokatolo in Finland, Scan in Sweden, Tallegg and Rakvere in Estonia and Rose Poultry in Denmark. To simplify identification and strengthen the corporate identity, the company names will share a common HKScan prefix, followed by the relevant country name, mostly in English: HKScan Finland, HKScan Sweden, HKScan Estonia and HKScan Denmark.

All group functions linked to animal sourcing and producer services will be referred to collectively as HKScan Agri on all home markets.


The company's Away from Home offering will be named with HKScan Pro and HKScan brands in the future.

HKScan has reaffirmed its promise that all HK and Kariniemen products in Finland and all Scan products in Sweden are domestic in origin. All poultry contained in Kariniemen products and all pork, beef and poultry meat in HK products will remain 100 percent Finnish in origin, and all meat in Scan products will remain 100 percent Swedish in origin. Definition work will continue with other brands.

The company has also announced that it will increase the volume of meat raw material sourced from its own slaughterhouses on its home markets. The group will also introduce a uniform brand for meat sourced from within the Group and produced on the home market.