Hubbard Feeds has announced a voluntary recall of one lot of Hubbard Life Homestead Fastgrow AM .0125 NAP/NAB Medicated poultry feed because of elevated calcium and phosphorus levels, which may be harmful to chickens and turkeys. Chickens and turkeys exposed to this product may exhibit decreased feed intake, decreased growth rate or death.

The recall is limited to the item number 34739-2 and lot number B00570987. This product was sold in the northern Indiana and Michigan areas through retail feed stores and is packaged in 50 lb. bags. The lot number will be found on the bottom of the label.


Packages associated with this lot number contained levels of calcium and phosphorus that exceeded formulated nutrient levels. Several hundred young birds were reported to have died after consuming product from this lot.

If poultry producers observe animals that have consumed product from this particular lot number and have any of the symptoms listed, producers should contact their local veterinarian for assistance. Poultry producers who have purchased this feed should discontinue use of the product and return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a full refund. Poultry producers with questions may call Hubbard Feeds Inc., 507.388.9645, during normal business hours.