On June 18, 2013, Olmix, an animal nutrition company, held its "Marine Biomass for Nutrition and for Human and Animal Health" seminar at Hotel Sofitel in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. More than 100 participants attended the seminar discussing food safety issues and the potential for algae to be used for human and animal nutrition.

After Olmix highlighted the quality and abundance of seaweed in Britain and France, Dr. Frédéric Bernard from Zoopôle, a French livestock organization, presented the need for eliminating medication in the global livestock sector. Dr Henry Salmon from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research discussed the immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties of seaweed.

Representatives from Parc d'Iroise, a natural marine park off the coast of France, explained how the algae fields are a resource of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industryand  could possibly reduce the need for antibiotics in livestock. Hervé Demais, consultant veterinarian for Olmix, said that algae could also be used in fish meal as a protein source.


The seminar was concluded by chef from the restaurant La Verticale, Dider Courlou, and some of his seaweed dish creations.

Olmix will continue its presentation of the potential benefits of algae at the SPACE conference in France, September 8-11. Called the "Breizh Algae Tour," the tour will start in Paris and take participants to Brittany to view different ways of harvesting algae and then visit the first algae bio-refinery.