Layer breeder Institut de Sélection Animale held a two-day open house to celebrate the completion of its new layer parent stock hatchery in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. The hatchery displayed technology that allows day-old chicks to be hatched in an energy-efficient manner and in accordance with biosecurity standards. 

On July 12-13, over 1,000 visitors from around the world visited the hatchery and saw a mix of opening lectures, entertainment and guided tours. The new 4,080 square meter hatchery has an annual production capacity of 5 million parent stock chicks.

"Our new hatchery is obviously build with the idea to support our business goals for the future," said Servé Hermans, managing director of the Institut de Sélection Animale. "But with the enormous growth we have enjoyed in the past decade, also comes a great responsibility to help the egg industry evolve into a profitable and sustainable business. Our mission to breed for 500 first quality eggs per hen housed is one such example and our brand new hatchery is another example of our commitment to lead the industry forward."  


The hatchery applies Pas Reform incubators and includes 50 SmartSetPro setters and 18 SmartHatchPro hatchers. The Smartpro technology incorporates adaptive metabolic feedback for simultaneous humidity and carbon dioxide control and the ability to use Pas Reform's circadian incubation technology.

"Outside air is drawn into the hatchery, conditioned with air-handling units, and channeled separately to the individual incubators in order to avoid cross-contamination at all cost", said Ron Jöerissen, Institut de Sélection Animale's production director. "The hatchery is equipped with solar water heaters and water cooling systems with heat recovery from the incubators in order to regulate the temperature of water and air in a sustainable manner."

Other hatchery suppliers include Prinzen for egg transfer machines, iD Projects for hatchery automation systems, Bolidt for robust and low maintenance floors, Unikon for washing machines, Metaflex/Isosystems for conditioned rooms and Elpress to safeguard personal hygiene. The new hatchery is planned to be in full operation in September.