Primera recently purchased and is in the process of renovating a facility in Britt for the processing of food products based on liquid eggs, according to W.R. Ashton, president of Primera Foods.

If the investigation is successful in finding suitable land, reasonable construction costs and financing, it is the intention of the joint venture to construct a 4-million-layer capacity egg farm with related feed mill and pullet laying facility.


If the joint venture goes forward with the construction, Center Fresh would manage the project. “If that occurs,” said James Dean, manager of Center Fresh Egg Farm, “Center Fresh’s members and management team will be responsible for supervising the construction of any such facility and, ultimately, the management of the operations. It is anticipated that a portion of the output of such a facility would be dedicated to the Britt, Iowa, facility of Primera and that we would market the rest of the liquid eggs to our customers. While we are excited about the prospects of this project, we also must point out that at this point we have not formally committed to undertake the project pending the completion of our investigation.”