Three poultry producers from Sweden and Norway are being honored by Aviagen SweChick for achieving over 140 chicks per hen housed from their Ross flocks. Aviagen SweChick is poultry producers' Swedish business unit.

Aviagen SweChick introduced the Ross 140 Club in January 2012 to help customers in their region motivate producers to reach higher levels of productivity, thereby aiding overall economic results. Three producers, Petter Aarrestad and Tormod Gudmestad from Norway and Lars Olsson from Sweden, have all reached the 140 mark. Members of the club receive a certificate acknowledging their results as well 140 Club merchandise. The rearing farmers of the flocks also receive the same awards.

Aviagen SweChick provides support and advice, as well as shares the experience of the current club members, to encourage others in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The 140 Club challenge is also being opened up in Finland and Estonia once Aviagen SweChick commences parent stock supplies there.


Thomas Carlson, general manager for Aviagen SweChick said, "Congratulations to all our customers and their producers on achieving such good results from their Ross flocks. We started the 140 Club to acknowledge and reward our customers' producers who reach a high level of productivity which impacts directly on the bottom line of the business. It is important to be running at maximum efficiency when feed prices are high and margins are stretched and to realize the full potential of their Ross stock."

Aarrestad said, "To reach this level is not easy. With the right support and a lot of hard work, however, it is more than possible to not just meet but exceed the performance objectives of the Ross bird, which is exceptional."