The Poultry Science Association has chosen the winners of more than two dozen awards in poultry science and related disciplines. The winners, which included researchers, teachers, students and others who work in poultry-related fields, were announced at the Poultry Science Association's 102nd annual meeting in San Diego.   

"We are delighted to be able to recognize this year's award winners, who are all outstanding. Once again, the selections were made extremely difficult in many of the award categories due to the very high quality of work currently being conducted across our membership, in both the academy and the poultry industry. We salute the hard work and consistently high level of achievement of this year's awardees, and we sincerely hope that they and their work will serve as an inspiration to others over the coming year and beyond," said Dr. Mike Kidd, president of the Poultry Science Association.

The winners were formally recognized at an awards celebration on July 25.

Drs. James W. Kessler, Kemin Industries; Michael S. Lilburn, Ohio State University; and Carl M. Parsons, University of Illinois, were named Poultry Science Association Fellows. The title is awarded "for professional distinction and contributions to the field of poultry science without regard to longevity," and is the highest recognition that the organization can bestow on a member.

Other awards presented include:

· American Egg Board Research Award: Dr. Frederick G. Silversides, Ph.D., Agriculture and AgriFood Canada

·  The  American Feed Industry Association Poultry Nutrition Research Award: Alejandro Corzo, Ph.D., Elanco Animal Health

·  Evonik Degussa Award for Achievement in Poultry Science: Todd J. Applegate, Ph.D., Purdue University

·  Hy-Line International Research Award: Byung-Whi Kong, Ph.D., University of Arkansas

·  Maple Leaf Farms Duck Research Award: Michael S. Lilburn, Ph.D., Ohio State University

·  Merial Distinguished Poultry Industry Career Award: Paul Marini, Ph.D., Nicholas Turkey

·  National Chicken Council Broiler Research Award: William A. Dozier, III, Ph.D., Auburn University


·  Novus International Teaching Award: Shelly R. McKee, Ph.D., Auburn University

·  Phibro Extension Award: Michael Czarick, III, University of Georgia

· Poultry Welfare Research Award:  Kenneth E. Anderson, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

·   Early Achievement Award for Extension: Brian H. Kiepper, Ph.D., University of Georgia

·   Early Achievement Award for Industry: Ross Wolfenden, Ph.D., Pacific Vet Group USA

·  Student Recruitment Award: Gary D. Davis, University of Arkansas

·  Tyson   Foods Support Personnel Award: Howard Lester, University of Arkansas

·  Zoetis Fundamental Science Award: Young Min Kwon, Ph.D., University of Arkansas

Student awards presented include:

· Alltech Student Research Manuscript Award: Emma L. Wils-Plotz, University of California-Davis

·  Maurice Stein Fellowship Award:  Ganapathi Raj Murugesan, Iowa State University

·  Jones-Hamilton Graduate Student Travel Grant Award:  Adekunle Adebiyi, Scottish Rural University College; Shira Cheled-Shoval, Hebrew University; Chasity M. Cox, Virginia Tech;  Aman Deep, University of Saskatchewan;  Jianan Liu, University of British Columbia; Samuel J. Rochell, University of Illinois; Ana Cristina Stradiotti, Sao Paulo State University;   Indu Upadyaya, University of Connecticut; and  Kimberly M. Wilson, University of Georgia.