U.S. broiler imports and U.S. turkey imports were lower in June than at any other time during the past 13 months, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Livestock and Meat Trade Data report released on August 7. The report also showed that the U.S. imported fewer eggs in June than at any other point in 2013.

Broiler imports into the U.S. were recorded at 9.4 million pounds in June, down 0.2 billion points from the previous low points reported in May 2013 and December 2012. Year-over-year, U.S. broiler imports dropped substantially from the 10 million pounds imported in June 2013.


U.S. turkey imports also dropped in June, with 1.6 million pounds reported. That number is down slightly from the previous low recorded in April, and is down significantly from the 2.3 million imported in June 2012.

U.S. egg imports, which include egg products, for June were recorded at 1.27 million dozen. While the June imports were fewer than at any other point in 2013, U.S. egg imports were at their 13-month low in November 2012, when U.S. egg imports were just below 1 million.