Pig farm biosecurity and animal health plans are top of mind for 90 percent of EU pig farmers who are undertaking at least one animal disease prevention practice, according to a DEFRA study

However, a significant minority of farms around 30 percent never discuss animal health plans with a veterinarian. While it is not surprising, the vast majority of farms are currently carrying out at least one disease prevention practice. It is slightly surprising that less than 10 percent of farms will be undertaking additional practices in the next 12 months. 


Many pig farmers cite pursuit of good economic performance and animal welfare as drivers of uptake of animal health practices, but only a minority considers consumers and the market.

The most common practice undertaken by pig farmers is to prevent new disease being brought onto a farm by visitors at 82 percent. Undertaking training in disease management was the least popular practice at 38 percent. Around 7 percent of pig enterprises indicated that they would carry out additional practices in the next 12 months.